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hhahahaa, so funny!!! XD
3 yrs ago
Omfg! Lmao!😂😂😂😂😂 😭
4 yrs ago
Saylor Taylor
uuhhhhhh ewww
5 yrs ago
Saylor Taylor
Gross! There are kids on this site like me!
5 yrs ago
Guest #7613733
lol that a story for most people
6 yrs ago
no men no dont do that
7 yrs ago
Guest #6363381
lol put it in like a boss
7 yrs ago
@mickey3207 preggers .-.
8 yrs ago
8 yrs ago
same I'm pregnet
8 yrs ago
8 yrs ago
whant does it mean
8 yrs ago
pop 1001
@Guest3384912 hi do not talk to us like that please
8 yrs ago
pop 1001
8 yrs ago
ewwwwww ewwwwwww
8 yrs ago
i love it :)
9 yrs ago
9 yrs ago
the bacca man
open yo legs and put it in. best moment of your life when that happens
9 yrs ago
funny! !!!!
9 yrs ago
lol funny
9 yrs ago
lil t
9 yrs ago
Guest #3384912
haha i laughed out loud of only that had a shorter more abbreviated acronym, well we all have dreams right? no? OK u guyz are dicks!
9 yrs ago
10 yrs ago
Shay_Just_A_RU_Thang :)
10 yrs ago
10 yrs ago
10 yrs ago
10 yrs ago
Luvs her bestfriend/ex :,( vsm
this is sure to get u laughing
10 yrs ago
Luvs her bestfriend/ex :,( vsm (38 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
24 yrs old from Australia. Followed By 75, Following 61
My life is crazy, amazing and stupid yes its true i love my ex/ bestfriend but i cant help it he is so amazing he changed me for the better i wish he knew how much i love him and i wish he misses me like i miss him but i think he is over me :,( hope not .
3 10 yrs ago
im in love with the best guy ever xxxxxxxxxxxx im wayyyyyyyyyyyy over my ex and …
222 10 yrs ago
ive been dared to tell my ex i still love him we broke up 5 months 2 weeks and 4…
28 10 yrs ago
244 10 yrs ago
552 10 yrs ago
Reply 10 yrs ago
To my amazing ex ill luv u forevz i hope u stilll luv me how u did b4 and u real…
3 10 yrs ago
My Heart is burning as it hits the ground it bursts and turns to flame its on fi…
Reply 10 yrs ago
when u think ur ok and then u fall into a crumbling heap i hate feeling this way…
15 10 yrs ago
why does he not love me anymore why does he not see how much im hurting its been…
Reply 10 yrs ago
my days r so blue without u x
7 10 yrs ago
vsm= Very Stupid Move
Reply 10 yrs ago
some times in life i get so annoyed at everything and feel like i wanna burn bec…
58 10 yrs ago
dont wanna been seen or heard. dont wanna be told. i was haveing the perfect day…
20 10 yrs ago
whos ur favourite mine is harry hes soooooooooo cute
64 10 yrs ago
when ur father makes u cry bcaz he starts giving u break up advice and saying it…
60 10 yrs ago
my hair looks feral xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Reply 10 yrs ago
so bored
36 10 yrs ago
check out my hair i look like micky mouse
1 10 yrs ago
love heat
208 10 yrs ago
all alone no one to talk to fighting wiv 2 of my friends and i dont ever wanna t…
39 10 yrs ago
feeling dead
4 10 yrs ago
when ur sick and u spend all ur time wishing u were healthy again been getting n…
Reply 10 yrs ago
health is awful i feel like this invisable
9 10 yrs ago
see im ugly p.s i love my bf
7 10 yrs ago
my eye i love my boyfriends eyes but i love mine more because wivout mine i cant…
157 10 yrs ago
1 10 yrs ago
those days when ur sick of ur friends and u wish all the pain would go away sick…
Reply 10 yrs ago
trying to b happy even though im sick and miss my boyfriend so much what a dull …
215 10 yrs ago
53 11 yrs ago
41 11 yrs ago
15 11 yrs ago
4 11 yrs ago
so tired me and my best friend watching movies lolz
87 11 yrs ago
290 11 yrs ago
19 11 yrs ago
Ugly as
114 11 yrs ago
This is what a bee can do to me
Reply (1) 10 yrs ago
i wanna kiss my bf i miss him :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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