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Hes said yes. Plussssss I got da hoodieeee
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thanks guyyyyssss
4 yrs ago
Barbara C.
I am so glad for you
4 yrs ago
yes she did it that's awesome :):):)
4 yrs ago
and so does that hoodie :)
4 yrs ago
that smiles looks good on you. I'm happy your happy
4 yrs ago
Billie Lover💙
yes maaaaaaaaaaam
4 yrs ago
yes u go girl :)
4 yrs ago
4 yrs ago
jeffw :)
nice :)
4 yrs ago
ChaleesitaXD (34 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
19 yrs old from United States. Followed By 54, Following 6
Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. If I don't answer you, that means I don't like you or im not on. but most likely i dont like you:)) Straight as a board and don't do online weird s#!t so don't hit on me:)
16 3 yrs ago
does anyone even get on here anymore
7 3 yrs ago
BLOW UP THE COMMENTS! WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR X-MAS!? Also, don't mind my face at a…
11 3 yrs ago
first bballl game of the year tomorrowwwww
19 3 yrs ago
what's up bitches
24 3 yrs ago
when you're always there for a good friend and you're not even on there bio😂�…
17 3 yrs ago
guys. im bored, entertain me?
197 3 yrs ago
ever have those days where you try to look hawt but just can't pull it off? me t…
12 3 yrs ago
stop spamming kid
7 3 yrs ago
online school is s#!t
18 3 yrs ago
if you know what this means, we can be pals
55 3 yrs ago
I love my little bro
249 3 yrs ago
104 3 yrs ago
im smiling. I just covered it up. idk who u are sooo
37 3 yrs ago
Jeff sus as f#!k
76 3 yrs ago
is Jeff the weird dude who posted that pic of him in a pink bra and panties
80 3 yrs ago
love my team
40 3 yrs ago
How well do u really have to know someone to "be in love with them" clearly nobo…
34 3 yrs ago
what emotions am I supposed to feel
15 3 yrs ago
3 3 yrs ago
everything good in my life jus disappeared
38 3 yrs ago
I have to fukin quarantine for 2 weeks because I was exposed to the rona😔😑…
25 3 yrs ago
Jeffw :) lied to me. u aint gunna see my face ever again
110 3 yrs ago
dats da best I can do
39 3 yrs ago
I gots a new favorite hoodie from that one guy;)
80 3 yrs ago
im actually broken rn
55 3 yrs ago
change my mind about that happy thing..
2 3 yrs ago
I wanna punch a bitch idk why I just do😂🤣
12 3 yrs ago
kinda feel bad cuz its like 14 degrees outside and after practice I had his hood…
26 3 yrs ago
jus vibin on da floor
9 4 yrs ago
Hes said yes. Plussssss I got da hoodieeee
4 4 yrs ago
going to take volleyball pictures. hopefully i dont look too much like a potato
Reply 4 yrs ago
im bouta spam cuz im bored ah
Reply 4 yrs ago
sumbody hmu
2 4 yrs ago
im so bored somebody get onnnn
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