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sumbody hmu
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16 yrs old from United States. Followed By 48, Following 11
Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. If I don't answer you, that means I don't like you or im not on. but most likely i dont like you:))
9 2 days ago
Hes said yes. Plussssss I got da hoodieeee
3 5 days ago
going to take volleyball pictures. hopefully i dont look too much like a potato
41 5 days ago
so he lives maybe 15 30 minutes away and there are like 3 cheerleaders from ther…
4 6 days ago
might have just hade a breakdown..✌️
231 8 days ago
He says that im perfect and no matter what happens in person he will always thin…
47 10 days ago
Should I ask him to my schools homecoming dance?
110 12 days ago
...go to his schools football game on friday. But like what if he doesnt like me…
36 12 days ago
theres this kid and hes really cute and I havent met him in person yet but we ta…
Reply 17 days ago
im bouta spam cuz im bored ah
Reply 17 days ago
sumbody hmu
16 19 days ago
i hate my smile. idk why i posted this
3 20 days ago
bored and tired and sore
28 25 days ago
when that guy youve liked forever tells you that he actually likes you back and …
9 30 days ago
went back lighhhttttt
5 7 mths ago
ok boomer
12 7 mths ago
All the bitches that are dissin on the cool people on this site yall bitches nee…
13 7 mths ago
came to say what up bitches
17 11 mths ago
whats up hookers:)
20 11 mths ago
2 11 mths ago
im so bored somebody get onnnn
Reply 11 mths ago
Lookin like s#!t today:)))))
1 11 mths ago
good night hoe bags;)
1 11 mths ago
im actually so bored
4 11 mths ago
The og is back:)
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