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ofc it's nothing special. he's just a flirt with everyone... 😪
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@DJGG192 ye
2 mths ago
@Missy M ahw, thankyou so much!, and it's fine i guess, i can get over it, thanks Missy, you're really are a great friend :)
2 mths ago
@Missy M you mean me? your gonna forget me?
2 mths ago
2 mths ago
Missy M
For me, im going to try to forget him for now, and have the best summer ever.
2 mths ago
Missy M
I just realized that he was like that. I am so so srry he hurt you. I got my laptop back and was just going to be on here today to saw hi to him, but then saw everything he was saying and changed my mind. You are beautiful, and amazing in so many ways, dont ever let some guy change that.
2 mths ago
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15 yrs old from Australia. Followed By 13, Following 53
this spot is dedicated to my friends: DJGG192, MyYard1400, kinley, waitWHAT, Alex 2, Mary E. K. S. S, Horselover, Makyla
7 1 mth ago
casually tryna choke myself during class :D
11 1 mth ago
this site is dead, and idek anymore :b
2 2 mths ago
upside uʍop
2 1 mth ago
tryna look nice........... FAIL :D, ahhahahahhaa
2 2 mths ago
yeeeeee :D
33 2 mths ago
dedicated to @DJGG192, -smile picture request :D
1 2 mths ago
i have a feeling this site hates me...
9 2 mths ago
my school is blocking this site, ugh................. .............
5 2 mths ago
i'm a nobody :')
6 2 mths ago
ofc it's nothing special. he's just a flirt with everyone... 😪
2 2 mths ago
7 2 mths ago
yeyeyeyeeee :D
266 2 mths ago
sksksk, idek :)
5 2 mths ago
close up of my eye, GREY! :D, lmaooooooooo
10 2 mths ago
my best knives!!, photo inspiration goes to Alex :)
2 2 mths ago
hnghhhhhh, idk :b
9 3 mths ago
my eyes, they're only green and grey at the moment, lol
3 3 mths ago
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
5 3 mths ago
6 3 mths ago
me and my baby Lily :D
7 3 mths ago
3 3 mths ago
I LiKe tHiS FiLtEr, oooo
4 3 mths ago
*dorky smile* :D
55 3 mths ago
imma llamaaaaaaaaaaaa :D, hehe
1 3 mths ago
lmaooooooooooooo, ewwwwwwwwwwww
8 3 mths ago
12 3 mths ago
my cat Bella and I... Her tail be lookin' ThIcC, ahahaaa
15 3 mths ago
this filter makes me look weirder than usual... ahahaha
8 3 mths ago
just sitting against a wall ;.;
48 3 mths ago
don't mind me, just being a weirdoooooooooo, ahaha
255 3 mths ago
111 3 mths ago
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