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bc i am my dad hate me and i hate him and i run away from home and now i live with my umm how can i say this umm my new dad and mom ig
3 mths ago
no just call me a bitch and thx u
3 mths ago
@😇😇😇😇😇😇 lmaooo, thankyou so much :)
3 mths ago
ur are creepy sometimes but cute
3 mths ago
3 mths ago
what the heCc
3 mths ago
3 mths ago
the filterbot won't let me say s#!t, whoa
3 mths ago
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15 yrs old from Australia. Followed By 13, Following 53
this spot is dedicated to my friends: DJGG192, MyYard1400, kinley, waitWHAT, Alex 2, Mary E. K. S. S, Horselover, Makyla
7 1 mth ago
casually tryna choke myself during class :D
11 1 mth ago
this site is dead, and idek anymore :b
2 2 mths ago
upside uʍop
2 1 mth ago
tryna look nice........... FAIL :D, ahhahahahhaa
2 2 mths ago
yeeeeee :D
33 2 mths ago
dedicated to @DJGG192, -smile picture request :D
1 2 mths ago
i have a feeling this site hates me...
9 2 mths ago
my school is blocking this site, ugh................. .............
5 2 mths ago
i'm a nobody :')
6 2 mths ago
ofc it's nothing special. he's just a flirt with everyone... 😪
2 2 mths ago
7 2 mths ago
yeyeyeyeeee :D
266 2 mths ago
sksksk, idek :)
5 2 mths ago
close up of my eye, GREY! :D, lmaooooooooo
10 2 mths ago
my best knives!!, photo inspiration goes to Alex :)
2 2 mths ago
hnghhhhhh, idk :b
9 2 mths ago
my eyes, they're only green and grey at the moment, lol
3 3 mths ago
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
5 3 mths ago
6 3 mths ago
me and my baby Lily :D
7 3 mths ago
3 3 mths ago
I LiKe tHiS FiLtEr, oooo
4 3 mths ago
*dorky smile* :D
55 3 mths ago
imma llamaaaaaaaaaaaa :D, hehe
1 3 mths ago
lmaooooooooooooo, ewwwwwwwwwwww
8 3 mths ago
12 3 mths ago
my cat Bella and I... Her tail be lookin' ThIcC, ahahaaa
15 3 mths ago
this filter makes me look weirder than usual... ahahaha
8 3 mths ago
just sitting against a wall ;.;
48 3 mths ago
don't mind me, just being a weirdoooooooooo, ahaha
255 3 mths ago
111 3 mths ago
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