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do not call me at 3am
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Left behind
@Amy_^w^ lmaoooo I know right
3 mths ago
no one's calling you at 3am doe
3 mths ago
i read ur profile bio, and u need a bf because you feel h***y a lot?!?, oh goshhhhh, lmao
4 mths ago
Johna_24<3 (10 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
17 yrs old from United States. Followed By 3, Following 4
I need a boyfriend! I feel horny a lot.
80 4 mths ago
plz dont call me at 3am
3 4 mths ago
do not call me at 3am
Reply 4 mths ago
8 4 mths ago
comment down below #youaresocute to be my boyfried
4 9 mths ago
the moment you wonder what 9 times 67 is
Reply 10 mths ago
this is not a good drawing at all
Reply 10 mths ago
I am hungry and ugly
Reply 10 mths ago
I am just chilling
Reply (1) 10 mths ago
should I eat Mcdonalds or fruit snacks???
Reply 10 mths ago
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