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But you put on quite a show You really had me goin' Now it's time to go Curtain's finally closin' That was quite a show Very entertaining But it's over now
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Barbara C.
1 mth ago
1 mth ago
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16 yrs old from United States. Followed By 26, Following 42
No, you're not half the man you think that you are And you can't fill the hole inside of you with money, drugs and cars I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you 'Cause you can't love nothin' unless there's somethin' in it for you
39 11 days ago
ADD MY SNAP miadoss20
3 14 days ago
yeah she call my Patty Cake 'cause the way that ass shake I'ma make her eat me o…
8 14 days ago
kind high rn but hey os cool
1 17 days ago
160 19 days ago
We gonna watch The Grinch and drink hot cocoa with matching pajamas and bake coo…
15 19 days ago
1 19 days ago
42 19 days ago
someone wanna play fornite with me?
3 21 days ago
I'm losin' myself in you In you, in you, in you, in you, I know I'm losin' mysel…
7 21 days ago om/url?sa=i&url=http %3A%2F%2Fwww.tattoos…
4 28 days ago com/watch?v=aJcYVJ4b SOM
5 1 mth ago
2 1 mth ago
But you put on quite a show You really had me goin' Now it's time to go Curtain'…
4 1 mth ago
'Cause you don't know her like I do You'll never understand You don't know what …
169 1 mth ago
im tired of trying to have to make my dad notice me...
103 1 mth ago
I love you means your never ever ever getting rid of me!!!!
265 1 mth ago
I tried lol
34 1 mth ago
You say you can't live without me then why aren't you dead yet?
103 1 mth ago
22 1 mth ago
64 1 mth ago
im ariana grande now oh f#!k
9 1 mth ago
It's always been her. And I'm happier than ever!!!
2 1 mth ago
im gonna log off for a couple of days...need some air
141 1 mth ago
That moment when your in love but you can see them because they live far away an…
1303 1 mth ago
If someone you know appears in your dream they either miss you or want to see yo…
Reply 1 mth ago
listen to Egirls are ruining my life thhis song if f#!king GREAT
164 1 mth ago
Im sorry
125 1 mth ago
this looks wack but im tired,
1 1 mth ago
my babyyy
3 1 mth ago
idk wat those dots r
4 1 mth ago
i envy anyone who is not self conscious and doesn't wanna die
7 1 mth ago
1445 1 mth ago
14 11 mths ago
5 11 mths ago
3 11 mths ago
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371 12 mths ago
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Reply 12 mths ago
3 12 mths ago
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8 12 mths ago
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