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3 9 days ago
Foti selfi
2 14 days ago
tryna look nice........... FAIL :D, ahhahahahhaa
Reply 15 days ago
pixeley video games be like
3 16 days ago
teddy grahams edit
2 20 days ago
1 20 days ago
2 20 days ago
I m frozen
17 23 days ago
a nice hot shower is always da bestt 👍🙈
6 23 days ago
Hey going away from the summer guys, will be back prob when school starts again.…
6 25 days ago
i don't f#!kin understand the world we live in today 😑 our society is so f#!k…
3 28 days ago
I cried to this song because I related to it so much. So if u like me, listen to…
6 28 days ago
We broken, we havent got same eperiences but we both the same through pain. The …
6 30 days ago
My music isnt for everyone. SOME call it demonic, is it demonic if for us people…
33 1 mth ago
dedicated to @DJGG192, -smile picture request :D
35 1 mth ago
I'm not playing, u the one playing Mike. Just ask what malachi said, he said you…
503 1 mth ago
You nothin' but a hater, hater, clout chaser #Stop #Trolling
9 1 mth ago
Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb, huh? Play me like a dummy, like bitch, are you du…
12 1 mth ago
yah, you lying, say you a new man. I belived you, shouldnt have. All you want is…
5 1 mth ago
close up of my eye, GREY! :D, lmaooooooooo
10 1 mth ago
my best knives!!, photo inspiration goes to Alex :)
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