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299 14 days ago
8 16 days ago
OH my gosh, I found a pic of me when I was 8. I looked soooo ugly! Thank God Pub…
12 16 days ago
my cat Bella and I... Her tail be lookin' ThIcC, ahahaaa
5 19 days ago
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199 19 days ago
Me and my sister. I love her so i'm making her pancakes with excessive toppings.
15 19 days ago
help me please
308 19 days ago
Hey everyone, I straightened my hair this morning. I actually might go to the st…
6 20 days ago
10 20 days ago
All I wanna do is be loved. I'm broken, we all fake somewhere some how. Attentio…
Reply 20 days ago
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go.Tell my wife I love her very much…
2 20 days ago
I love this Artist!!!! PDA all day
1 20 days ago
PDA- Will be returning but this time we are leading people to the right path
1 20 days ago
Smaler my babes
20 20 days ago
I am suddenly aware of the true feeling of loneliness, and imprisonment, the fee…
17 20 days ago
3 21 days ago
My old Irish/Cornish song: "IS octo brom, act isue othaca, Posiden, and his sea,…
30 22 days ago
hey everyone. Inspiration to post a picture goes to @Chick magnet
45 22 days ago
don't mind me, just being a weirdoooooooooo, ahaha
70 23 days ago
See Mamie I don't hate you. This page isn't working correctly and I don't know w…
111 23 days ago
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