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Photo Editor
hehe old pic and can someone talk to me
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Guest #9698639
19 days ago
idk ive been raped but ive never recovered all u should do for her is be a friend and listen to her i wish i had someone there for me
30 days ago
My best friend was having a panic attack on the bus. She was shaking like crazy. Kinda triggered me cause when I was raped, thats how he left me, he just left me lying on the floor shaking and crying, and i asked he what was wrong and i told her that she could tell me she said the same thing that happened to her and she wont tell me who did it. When I find out im gonna kill them. but wht should i do for her?
30 days ago
Mary💖 Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
17 yrs old from United States. Followed By 28, Following 26
not in the mood for peoples bs snapchat marysheets2020 instagram marysheets69 email and taken😘
22 23 days ago
i wish i had someone to call daddy and someone to walk me down the isle at my is…
5 24 days ago
i cant move
58 24 days ago
k we can talk on here
3 24 days ago
my aunt gave me a dog so no running away for me
671 25 days ago
someone talk to me before i run away
2 25 days ago
sorry guys my mood changed fast i wont be able to see my mom for 3 weeks and it …
1 25 days ago
kk lets text on here
3 30 days ago
hehe old pic and can someone talk to me
7 1 mth ago
remind-Cgf6eg and itsourc
7 1 mth ago
who knows mike saylors ex... well she is gonna hate me
10 1 mth ago
who is up im bored
13 1 mth ago
isnt homework just fun
71 1 mth ago
someone talk to me while i do homework
19 1 mth ago
im back bitches
10 1 mth ago
hey yall just started school today
7 2 mths ago
Reply 2 mths ago
bored nobody to talk to
8 2 mths ago
Reply 2 mths ago
beat this
2 2 mths ago
got new computer now i can take pics p.s new glasses
4 4 mths ago
Missing Alex wish he was here 😢
1 4 mths ago
Happy birthday Alex I love u babe
46 5 mths ago
Y does everybody leave me alone y can't I just die I am only living for Alex if …
231 5 mths ago
People out there burning down buildings some people built that place by themselv…
Reply 5 mths ago
I have to work to get money bc I pay for my own things and for college
37 5 mths ago
goodbye guys i will see u guys in august and hey babe get my snapchat when u …
1 5 mths ago
first time doing this
16 5 mths ago
thats my eye color i dont like it xd
26 5 mths ago
7 5 mths ago
alex we are going to meet each other one of these days its only going to take...…
123 5 mths ago
inspiration to post a inspiration post goes to @Missy M and for being my bestie …
248 5 mths ago
inspiration to straighten my hair goes to @DJGG192
8 5 mths ago
Reply 5 mths ago
hella bored lol
1 5 mths ago
about to talk to my friend that i have not been able to talk to for 2 months yay
Reply 5 mths ago
babe txt me when u here
24 5 mths ago
4 5 mths ago
4 5 mths ago
4 5 mths ago
1 5 mths ago
2 5 mths ago
6 5 mths ago
2 5 mths ago
4 5 mths ago
14 5 mths ago
best pic i coud get of adain his hands arnt in his face
6 5 mths ago
i got something new on the back of my phone
7 5 mths ago
@Missy M Zebras, red pandas, and horses for a talented young woman like u wat sh…
Reply 5 mths ago
bro @left behind im dying of laughter
10 5 mths ago
@Left behind that depression s#!t u saying is a lie nobody be saying oh i got de…
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