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that weird bald spot be like:
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19 yrs old from United States. Followed By 19, Following 38
🥰🥰Mila🥰🥰 🤗Caleese🤗 🤪Marie🤪 😆Missy😆 😄Barbara😄 😝Jeff😝 🙃Matthew🙃 My name's Kroywen and I'm on here to make new friends. If u want u can subscribe to my youtube channel FightTheRage It'd mean a lot
5 3 yrs ago
Old me
12 3 yrs ago
61 5 yrs ago
Just had formal and i'm tired as hell
3 5 yrs ago
this is my friend
Reply 5 yrs ago
that weird bald spot be like:
39 5 yrs ago
Bored af at my moms house
45 5 yrs ago
when u tired af and your dad bout to get home and make u do work
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