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Spring Break!!! but I am going back to school on Monday
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Billie Lover💙
this one too lol
2 yrs ago
🌵 f*!k my life 🌵
4 yrs ago
Saylor Taylor
just dont talk to him, just dont, take it from someone who was raped
4 yrs ago
Saylor Taylor
@*Anime nahhh I broke up with him. also I wasnt hating on you, I was just saying what I saw. (DONT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY) I was just saying a girl your age posting that is asking for trouble. the ped doesnt care about you he dosnt. He just wants to use you because 1: your young and pretty, 2, your vurnerable at this age, 3, he wants some pussy to please himself. trust me years ago he and I were friends, but he just uses people. I mean hmmmmm I wonder what happened to his young "girl friends?" dude he will move on he may sweet talk you.
4 yrs ago
🌵 f*!k my life 🌵
Hopefully he is better now
4 yrs ago
Saylor Taylor
my poor bf thought I was mad at him when I was offline for like 5 days
4 yrs ago
Saylor Taylor
oh I got off monday
4 yrs ago
Barbara C. Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
20 yrs old from United States. Followed By 68, Following 74
💗Matthew💗 🥰Pimp Daddy JoJo🥰 💝Levin💝 🤯Hunter🤯🧡Missy🧡😍Grac e😍
12 2 yrs ago
Bro where are all the old timers, I miss talking to them.
105 2 yrs ago
Lets see who my real friends are. You have 24 hours(only because yall most likel…
64 2 yrs ago
108 2 yrs ago
Instead of yall leaving why don't you just tell me to leave him alone. I won't b…
70 2 yrs ago
88 2 yrs ago
Reply 2 yrs ago
AMOS- grace_willia198
10 2 yrs ago
Follow me on tictok...havent made videos yet but I will @supergurl0220
11 2 yrs ago
haha what a shame
5 2 yrs ago
Distance doesn't necessarily ruin a relationship. You don't have to see a person…
112 2 yrs ago
Good Morning Beautiful people
422 2 yrs ago
5 2 yrs ago
39 2 yrs ago
2 2 yrs ago
and also your blood pressure is hella high
381 2 yrs ago
Nice to know how people see me
72 2 yrs ago com/watch?v=eC_6CFR8 xa4
33 2 yrs ago
214 2 yrs ago
19 2 yrs ago com/watch?v=qhSds5jP nFo
56 2 yrs ago
Kenzie???? might be a sign??? doubt it but idk
241 2 yrs ago
missing her so much
137 2 yrs ago
7 2 yrs ago
Got scared
34 2 yrs ago
If you don't like what I do then LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!😡😭
118 2 yrs ago
29 2 yrs ago
217 2 yrs ago
Being left alone last nightwas not so much
310 2 yrs ago
807 2 yrs ago
11 2 yrs ago
18 2 yrs ago
331 2 yrs ago
10 2 yrs ago
true fact
2 2 yrs ago
I love you babygirl
4 2 yrs ago
For you Kenzie 💘❤️
9 2 yrs ago
leaving forever
2 2 yrs ago
10 2 yrs ago
self explanatory
147 2 yrs ago
13 3 yrs ago
I feel gross
3 3 yrs ago
Corona protection
5 3 yrs ago
9 3 yrs ago
bored at home
12 3 yrs ago
me right now
5 3 yrs ago
I am in love(I can't get my best friend/crush off my mind)
7 3 yrs ago
Reply 3 yrs ago
waiting for the bus
18 3 yrs ago
If you could describe me in one word what would it be?
1 3 yrs ago
Happy Holloween
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