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12 yrs old from United States. Followed By 7, Following 13
i don't play with female ya'll later..
Reply 1 mth ago
Reply 2 mths ago
what name brand is this.
Reply 2 mths ago
my drawing go crazy..
Reply 4 mths ago
follow me on messenger @Mony otw
Reply 7 mths ago
Reply 7 mths ago
They is so fake they will use you for your 😂😡snacks. On the last day of sc…
Reply 7 mths ago
Reply 7 mths ago
Reply 8 mths ago
she ugly
Reply 8 mths ago
4 9 mths ago
comment if you think he ugly
8 9 mths ago
ugly ass boy
3 10 mths ago
love myself
5 10 mths ago
bff here
2 12 mths ago
who on a dance team
5 1 yrs ago
comment if you go to school. and if ya'll wan't to be my sister or brother just …
5 1 yrs ago
text if you smart
25 1 yrs ago
if you not broke comment
Reply 1 yrs ago
Reply 1 yrs ago
friend here
Reply 2 yrs ago
it's not real
Reply 2 yrs ago
12 2 yrs ago
with my R.O.D
Reply 2 yrs ago
call me frankenstein
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