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these are wicked small but they are seriously the most sour things I have ever tasted in my life. XD
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Saylor Taylor Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
18 yrs old from United States. Followed By 117, Following 95
Hey, name's Saylor, I love Horses and dogs, and pretty much all animals. I have lots of hobbies. I played soccer for 8 yrs and now am playing softball. Ig I'm single?
31 4 yrs ago
I'm so bored rn, I'm watching the office
15 4 yrs ago
I'm back and got my heart broken at the same frickin time
3 4 yrs ago
I'm dead, also why does this look like @James the gamer?
14 4 yrs ago
@Madison :) see. Not hating, just sayn its not orginal what you did, You jus…
1 4 yrs ago
This should be for the boy at my church who keeps touching me
3 4 yrs ago
13 4 yrs ago
wtf I got kicked out of remind by accident
9 4 yrs ago
This site is weird, I'm going offline for a while. yall are too childish and wei…
1 4 yrs ago
gooooo ahead block me because I was just saying it wasnt right. ohhhhh nooo! you…
1 4 yrs ago
my inner demon trying to escape the cold dark caverns of my heart while I rot o…
1 4 yrs ago
hahahhahah my bf is cheattiiingggggg.... ......-_-
Reply 4 yrs ago
Join us. We are the pineapples, We have taken over Zimbabwe, we will now take ov…
4 4 yrs ago
4 4 yrs ago
Blugh my bf still isnt responding (its been like 3 days)
6 4 yrs ago
wth is with this spamming. It isnt your personal album
9 4 yrs ago
OK, this needs to f#!king stop RN. All the dumbass pics claiming you peeps are "…
Reply 4 yrs ago
Don't want to hear about it Every single one's got a story to tell Everyone know…
17 4 yrs ago
2 4 yrs ago
10 4 yrs ago
hehehehehehheheehehh ehehehehehehhehehehh eheh
2 4 yrs ago
where oh where did Elliot go...........
3 4 yrs ago
Rip kurt cobain one of the greatest singer/song writer that ever lived! also com…
4 5 yrs ago
my ex is a bitch :( πŸ˜€πŸ˜£πŸ˜’πŸ™„πŸ˜­ 😭
Reply 5 yrs ago
its true
22 5 yrs ago
πŸ†πŸ…°πŸ…ΏπŸ…ΈπŸ…³ πŸ…±πŸ…΄πŸ…°πŸ†ƒπŸ†‚ If anyone wanna chat. https://tinych…
1 5 yrs ago
This handy trick will be sure to give your kid night meres
28 5 yrs ago
Check out my new beat: Wall jumper (work in progress) ounds…
Reply 5 yrs ago
my worst horse ever
Reply 5 yrs ago
8 5 yrs ago
What happened to Luna?πŸ˜³πŸ˜”πŸ€
16 5 yrs ago
omg I wish I did that
5 5 yrs ago
Doctor can you help me cause I dont feel right. Better make it fast before I …
7 5 yrs ago
Theres a boy at chruch that keeps looking at me funny. I think he likes me cause…
Reply 5 yrs ago
when a vacation goes wrong. (q◕‿‿◕q) XD
Reply 5 yrs ago
my camera got taken away so yeahhhhhh. Anywayysssss I got a hoverboard for chris…
9 5 yrs ago
A meme I have created. YOur f#!king welcome
2 4 yrs ago
broke my f#!king finger
1 5 yrs ago
For some reson my camera is foggy. I have no clue why. XD
12 5 yrs ago
dis my bf. I love him so much.
2 5 yrs ago
a meme I have created. Your welcome
4 5 yrs ago
A meme of me.
3 5 yrs ago
can someone kill me now? I am sooo bored
Reply 4 yrs ago
On a scale from 1-10 how high do you think S T O N E Y is today?
Reply 5 yrs ago
One dayyyyyyyyy
9 5 yrs ago
I will be loved
Reply 5 yrs ago
these are wicked small but they are seriously the most sour things I have ever t…
25 5 yrs ago
Today is my bday
9 5 yrs ago
Bibbity bobbty boo, Asa stop being a jerk, what did I do? yeet
6 5 yrs ago
whelp, single pringle again
7 5 yrs ago
I am boredddddddddddddddd ddddddd. anddddddd lost my bf so meehhhhhh double suck…
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