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that moment when u decide to make ur own decisions as an individual, and ur best friend for years begins to drift because they dont realize that some ppl decide to grow up. And then you decide to get a job, and then get fired. Now you look for new jobs
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2 yrs ago
and friends...
2 yrs ago
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17 yrs old from United States. Followed By 61, Following 18
I aint about your drama ;) Love one another and be thankful for the herbs that God gave us. Legalize Nature🍄! Add me on Snap: jokercard2092 Insta: optimistic_ass_hunty
222 15 days ago
Whats good slimeknobs and stoners its been ages.
29 5 mths ago
whats good
1 6 mths ago
What's good guys, I made a podcast. Give it a listen here's the link https://anc…
3 9 mths ago
2 10 mths ago
not back just visiting
7 10 mths ago
Kaitlyn's being a fat loser
5 12 mths ago
hey ;)
1 12 mths ago
where'd you go?
18 12 mths ago
Hey yall
52 12 mths ago
Evening you fine f#!ks
7 1 yrs ago
What yall been up to?
19 1 yrs ago
Im suspended AF! at least i got some herb here at home XD
17 1 yrs ago
Get a life
9 1 yrs ago
yall needa chill
2 1 yrs ago
Cringey Kids Be Gone
Reply 1 yrs ago
Drugs drippin off of my nose ring
Reply 1 yrs ago
omg no
10 1 yrs ago
If someone snitches on you give them a reason not to anymore. Sock em in the f#!…
Reply 1 yrs ago
Switchblades, cocaine, gothboiclique till my soul take
2 1 yrs ago
You ever seen a nigga hung with a gold chain? I'd rather sing about the same thi…
Reply 1 yrs ago
life isnt worth it
3 1 yrs ago
1 1 yrs ago
Reply 1 yrs ago
f#!k Snitches
1 1 yrs ago
Reply 1 yrs ago
going down! xxxtentacion
3 1 yrs ago
Life Isn't Worth It
9 1 yrs ago
I am high af and in love
29 1 yrs ago
f#!k life, f#!k school, f#!k this planet, I hope you all know that this is all t…
19 2 yrs ago
sadtime hours
4 2 yrs ago
Still blazing
5 2 yrs ago
Bob marleys the s#!t
3 2 yrs ago
2 2 yrs ago
that moment when u decide to make ur own decisions as an individual, and ur best…
1 2 yrs ago
good f#!kin morning everyone, drugs are downright crazy.
4 2 yrs ago
7 2 yrs ago
See yuh Rick XD
12 2 yrs ago
i am so gr8ful for coffee, think about it. It's a bean... that you drink
1 2 yrs ago
green s#!t
12 2 yrs ago
anyone have a phone number and google duo on there chromebook?
68 2 yrs ago
Suspended three days, this week blows😒
9 2 yrs ago
Had a life changing experience man
2 2 yrs ago
2 2 yrs ago
New gun fits great with my guitar in the corner
3 2 yrs ago
R.I.P. fotofriend. looks like this generation moved on
8 2 yrs ago
gettin pu$$y this wknd
5 2 yrs ago
Been a while,yeh
3 2 yrs ago
Ay i got hella suspended XD
4 2 yrs ago
2 2 yrs ago
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