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17 yrs old from United States. Followed By 10, Following 6
I am a upcoming rapper which im in a group with my brother @Dezire called Payne&Dezire Taken by @BaileyBoo #StreetSoldier
Reply 3 mins ago
Just plain Micheal
Reply 12 mins ago
Crazy Mind
1 36 mins ago
Draco on big dragon fire hell Can't save me man save yourself 'Cause I do not ne…
1 37 mins ago
you still can be saved while you have a chance
Reply 40 mins ago
Wish you'd get out my face, might go MIA Might just blow my brain, R.I.P Kurt Co…
Reply 50 mins ago
Love Me More
4 Yesterday
Reply Yesterday
I never planned to be dark but you threw my soul out when u left me alone now i …
1 Yesterday
We may have a new collaboration with @BabyBrii which is a R&B female artist
3 Yesterday
i was outside being bad with the Grinch
2 Yesterday
Fear is a noose that binds until it strangles.
14 Yesterday
Reply Yesterday
Reply Yesterday
Yeah, hold up, let me pop my s#!t Pussy nigga talkin', we gon' leave him in a di…
3 2 days ago
This a pain song, but I'm letting everything go I promise, when I speak specific…
Reply 2 days ago
I need your love , Its hard to trust, It's like a drug #PDA #LOVE
Reply 2 days ago
Reply 2 days ago
Boom bow, pussy bitch don't try to run now f#!k nigga ain't have his head on I'm…
Reply 3 days ago
Who needs Love?
Reply 3 days ago
Sad Lost and Scared
67 4 days ago
Why am I so in love? Why am I so in love? Why am I so in love? I don't know why …
36 6 days ago
Mind of a Menace
Reply 7 days ago
my baby and her niece awww #cute
3 7 days ago
we live that Triple 9 life
Reply 8 days ago
They don't know what it's like to feel like you got s#!t to prove
3 8 days ago
Coming Soon
3 9 days ago
1 9 days ago
5 9 days ago
I'm in pain, wanna put ten shots in my brain I've been tripping 'bout some thing…
Reply 9 days ago
Follow us on Soundcloud #Payne&Dezire
Reply 9 days ago
1 9 days ago
Follow us on Soundcloud #Payne&Dezire
Reply 9 days ago
Come, let's watch the rain as it's falling down (falling down) Sunlight on your …
Reply 9 days ago
Follow us on Soundcloud #Payne&Dezire
Reply 10 days ago
The first nigga play, I'ma body a nigga (Ha) I just checked my balance I'll prob…
1 27 days ago
I KILL People 👌😈💀
2 28 days ago
Blood Gang, yeah, suwoop on me
Reply 28 days ago
Reply 28 days ago
Yeah, my block real hot (You need to cool down) Blow my niggas kickin' doors dow…
Reply 28 days ago
2 28 days ago
Real Nigga s#!t
Reply 28 days ago
he got my Tattoo lol shout out to my nigga Ricky
Reply 28 days ago
I make them Movie Real Life
Reply 28 days ago
Hold up, slime I'm with Duke, uh Slime, I'm with troops, uh Pussy nigga talk dow…
Reply 28 days ago
Reply 28 days ago
Im a Star
Reply 28 days ago
im so famous im on money #SLATT
Reply 28 days ago
2 28 days ago
3 28 days ago
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