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Bored someone hmu
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14 yrs old from United States. Followed By 33, Following 31
Hey I changed profiles, Its me Saylor Taylor. Love horses, and animals, funny, nice,#Taken by Dezire😊😋💕. have lots of hobbies, play drums and play softball and soccer.
1 Yesterday
Night people
Reply 3 days ago
When your legs don't work like they used to before And I can't sweep you off of …
Reply 4 days ago
4 4 days ago
Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion Girl I guess that must be you Body like t…
1 4 days ago
#IRISH PRIDE, Rialacha na hÉireann
3 5 days ago
UGH got kicked off of remind for a day
21 6 days ago
Who else is bored rn?
Reply 6 days ago
Hoi people
Reply 7 days ago
lowkey me
48 7 days ago
Reply 7 days ago
Bored someone hmu
1 7 days ago
f#!k off my haters
5 10 days ago
To my haters: dont care what you say so f#!k off, sorry you cant handle facts. C…
1 10 days ago
my crazy bed hair
10 11 days ago
In class bored its me Saylor btw
4 11 days ago
6 11 days ago
decided to try a smile for once, blugh
5 12 days ago
Reply 13 days ago
Bored someone hmu
2 14 days ago
I'm backkkk guysssssss
6 1 mth ago
Drown me in my tears, in my sorrows. You expect me to drown. While I am alone an…
2 1 mth ago
Someone hmu I'm bored
2 1 mth ago
Follow Payne and Dezire on Soundcloud #PayneandDezire🖖 ✌️🤟🤘☝ …
13 1 mth ago
I'm surrounded and I'm hounded If I keep moving, they won't know I'll morph to s…
Reply 1 mth ago
lol I look like a baby doll
Reply 1 mth ago
Got new glasses (I HATE glasses but meh)
1 1 mth ago
crazy frizzy bed hair
3 1 mth ago
why are my eyes so big?
Reply 1 mth ago
nom nom I'm a dog
Reply 1 mth ago
lol, I look like a baby doll
2 1 mth ago
1 1 mth ago
bruh this is a real meme
4 1 mth ago
This is why I hate wearing my glasses
5 1 mth ago
Fixed the braid prob but now my hair is frizzy af. I just cant win today
6 1 mth ago
This is what happens when you accidentaly leave you braids in at night 😒😪…
23 1 mth ago
To my haters. You lame ass roasts that suck so bad I dont know what to call em r…
3 1 mth ago
#I give up
5 1 mth ago
crazy bed hair
4 1 mth ago
hair, Win or fail?
10 1 mth ago
Ugh just looking for someone who will stay true and actually love me for who I a…
1 1 mth ago
blugh look like crap. soooo tired
3 1 mth ago
Messa donald trump
21 1 mth ago
5 2 mths ago
Reply 2 mths ago
someone hmu
Reply 2 mths ago
done with this week, just want it to be saturday
Reply 2 mths ago
blugh so tired, but gm people
Reply 2 mths ago
omg cant breathe
4 2 mths ago
So boredddddd
37 2 mths ago
Gm people!
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