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This would prob be me husband
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14 yrs old from United States. Followed By 23, Following 25
Hey I changed profiles, Its me Saylor Taylor. Love horses, and animals, funny, nice, and need someone to stay true 😘😍❤️️. have lots of hobbies, play drums and play softball and soccer.
2 14 hrs ago
Reply 14 hrs ago
someone hmu
Reply 20 hrs ago
done with this week, just want it to be saturday
Reply 20 hrs ago
blugh so tired, but gm people
Reply Yesterday
omg cant breathe
4 Yesterday
So boredddddd
31 Yesterday
Gm people!
129 2 days ago
How u guys been?
5 2 days ago
hey peeps. Got sick over the weekend so now I feel like I'm dying.
6 6 days ago
bored, ugly, and give up on life
27 7 days ago
Just got a new Nintendo switch!!! :)
2 8 days ago
5 8 days ago
Bored someone hmu
5 12 days ago
Hills burn in California My turn to ignore ya Don't say I didn't warn ya All the…
Reply 13 days ago
#free Payne, spread the word.
3 13 days ago
Cute or nah?
8 14 days ago
Crazy bed hair
1 15 days ago
My goals so far
1 15 days ago
Haters gonna hate
2 16 days ago
6 16 days ago
Leave your weapon on the table Wrapped in burlap, barely able Don't get angry, d…
2 20 days ago
just listen you stupid bitches
4 20 days ago
how yall doing?
Reply 21 days ago
Like my Dragon?
2 21 days ago
5 21 days ago
Bored hmu
Reply 22 days ago
Just need someone who will stay true and actually love me.
28 23 days ago
You dont need no college to be a cheese curl✌️👊👌✠Œï¸
Reply 23 days ago
Morning people
7 27 days ago
Reply 27 days ago
This would prob be me husband
1 27 days ago
Reply 27 days ago
That moment when someone asks a stupid af question
Reply 27 days ago
like my new earings?
2 27 days ago
The summary of my life
4 27 days ago
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I dab harder than you
2 28 days ago
nom nom nom nom
Reply 28 days ago
dont you feel like your alone?
3 28 days ago
Literally me every night
Reply 28 days ago
Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh, oh, oh I've never seen anybody do …
Reply 28 days ago
If anyone else can do this let me know and I will follow them
8 29 days ago
Call your doctors, say your prayers. Hope they never say your fears. Cause my mo…
6 29 days ago
crap, me and marty mcfly got stuck in the past. help
2 29 days ago
what color do you think my hair is?
2 30 days ago
When you get weighed down so much by stress all you can do is smile
28 1 mth ago
To all my haters, I dont give a f#!k what you think about me. Just cause I'm the…
64 1 mth ago
hmu and follow me
Reply 1 mth ago
Bored, anyone wanna chat?
Reply 1 mth ago
Eating a donut cause I'm gonna die anways
2 1 mth ago
Literaly me
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