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New day and haters aint gonna be in my way. ✌️✌️😙😄
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@Big Dog k
1 mth ago
@Horselover ok i will be on
1 mth ago
@Big Dog gm, I'm on remind
1 mth ago
@Horselover u welcome and good morning
1 mth ago
amen u look very nice
1 mth ago
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14 yrs old from United States. Followed By 19, Following 23
Hey I changed profiles, Its me Saylor Taylor. Love horses, and animals, funny, nice, and need someone to stay true 😘😍❤️️. have lots of hobbies, play drums and play softball and soccer.
Reply 16 hrs ago
Just got a new Nintendo switch!!! :)
2 Yesterday
3 Yesterday
Bored someone hmu
3 5 days ago
Hills burn in California My turn to ignore ya Don't say I didn't warn ya All the…
Reply 6 days ago
#free Payne, spread the word.
3 6 days ago
Cute or nah?
8 7 days ago
Crazy bed hair
1 8 days ago
My goals so far
1 8 days ago
Haters gonna hate
1 9 days ago
6 9 days ago
Leave your weapon on the table Wrapped in burlap, barely able Don't get angry, d…
2 13 days ago
just listen you stupid bitches
4 13 days ago
how yall doing?
Reply 14 days ago
Like my Dragon?
2 14 days ago
5 14 days ago
Bored hmu
Reply 15 days ago
Just need someone who will stay true and actually love me.
28 16 days ago
You dont need no college to be a cheese curl✌️👊👌✠Œï¸
Reply 16 days ago
Morning people
7 20 days ago
Reply 20 days ago
This would prob be me husband
1 20 days ago
Reply 20 days ago
That moment when someone asks a stupid af question
Reply 20 days ago
like my new earings?
2 20 days ago
The summary of my life
4 20 days ago
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I dab harder than you
2 21 days ago
nom nom nom nom
Reply 21 days ago
dont you feel like your alone?
3 21 days ago
Literally me every night
Reply 21 days ago
Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh, oh, oh I've never seen anybody do …
Reply 21 days ago
If anyone else can do this let me know and I will follow them
8 22 days ago
Call your doctors, say your prayers. Hope they never say your fears. Cause my mo…
6 22 days ago
crap, me and marty mcfly got stuck in the past. help
2 22 days ago
what color do you think my hair is?
2 23 days ago
When you get weighed down so much by stress all you can do is smile
5 26 days ago
To all my haters, I dont give a f#!k what you think about me. Just cause I'm the…
64 27 days ago
hmu and follow me
Reply 28 days ago
Bored, anyone wanna chat?
Reply 28 days ago
Eating a donut cause I'm gonna die anways
2 29 days ago
Literaly me
Reply 29 days ago
God kill me
57 29 days ago
Ayyyy any drummers like me out there?
4 1 mth ago
lol crazy hair today
Reply 1 mth ago
They say they will run back and come back. Yet I am left here with scars of my b…
Reply 1 mth ago
Win or fail? btw I cant draw people
Reply 1 mth ago
Is my hair dirty blonde, honey blonde, brown, or brown with blonde highlites? I …
5 1 mth ago
New day and haters aint gonna be in my way. ✌️✌️😙😄
Reply 1 mth ago
lol old time movie
Reply 1 mth ago
2 1 mth ago
Ayyeyeee hit me upp
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