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your not ugly
4 mths ago
Chick magnet
Wow according to my hotness radar it's spiking super high NO JOKE
5 mths ago
Guest #8970600
you are so not ugly
6 mths ago
abby the speed demin
you are not ugly you are perfickt the way you ar ps wana be frends
7 mths ago
dont_f*!k_wid_me_kaylie (40 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
15 yrs old from United States. Followed By 13, Following 28
single, happy, fan girl of why dont we
23 1 mth ago
lonely suckss
Reply 1 mth ago
9 1 mth ago
6 1 mth ago
2 1 mth ago
school life ~ kaylieee happy birthday MRS.YATESSSSS
Reply 1 mth ago
1 1 mth ago
1 1 mth ago
6 1 mth ago
1 1 mth ago
1 1 mth ago
2 1 mth ago
2 2 mths ago
10 2 mths ago
pls email me
4 2 mths ago
Reply 2 mths ago
1 2 mths ago
5 2 mths ago
blocked out the son of a bitch that ruined my life and thats me in the corner of…
3 2 mths ago
Reply 2 mths ago
1 2 mths ago
Reply 3 mths ago
2 3 mths ago
1 4 mths ago
single forever
7 4 mths ago
kickin my ex-boos ass out...good riddence.........rep ly if youve had someone pl…
Reply 4 mths ago
im in the black and white now ex is in the suite and my besties makin…
Reply 4 mths ago
8th grade formal wid my ex-baby and bff
19 4 mths ago
schools in and im already ready to be out
Reply 4 mths ago
just hanging
Reply 4 mths ago
i still miss my that bad?
Reply 4 mths ago
again...i miss my ex-boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....want hiim so baddddd
Reply 4 mths ago
my playlist
4 7 mths ago
graduation was nice.....def one to remember
4 7 mths ago ugly and bored.........
1 7 mths ago
the ittle kids are always the i right or am i right
3 7 mths ago
1 7 mths ago
Reply 8 mths ago
4 8 mths ago
helloooo there....glad to meet ya'.....yo im singke and i may be desperate!!! …
Reply 8 mths ago
to dark to see anything at all
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