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Back to school I am
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@Guest9123282 :D
10 days ago
Guest #9123282
oooo slay
11 days ago
Zany (32 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
16 yrs old from United States. Followed By 9, Following 20
I am gay, looking for someone to date that is 17-20 years old
Reply 3 days ago
1 3 days ago
14 5 days ago
Reply 5 days ago
Dying on the inside
3 5 days ago
2 6 days ago
I got nothing to do
5 6 days ago
Morning everyone! How is everyone?
Reply 9 days ago
Feeling better now
4 9 days ago
Booooooooooooo my life lol
2 9 days ago
1 10 days ago
Don't you just hate it when your crush won't message you back
Reply 10 days ago
This pimple on my cheek hurts
2 11 days ago
so tired today
2 12 days ago
My bae is ok with me doing my nails and makeup. Yay!
2 12 days ago
Back to school I am
24 30 days ago
Don't comment this if you don't like it don't look at it
2 30 days ago
Oml my hair
4 30 days ago
I cut out the worst part of me Ba-Bam
Reply 30 days ago
A man can dream
19 30 days ago
Just talked to my crush, I feel like I am going to die
3 1 mth ago
Join my remind @softboi
2 1 mth ago
All theses mother Fu*kers who is hurting you don't let them get to you there no …
2 1 mth ago
I Look awful But heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
3 1 mth ago
this is for my bae
4 1 mth ago
Still no hot water And I am NOT washing my hair with cold water
Reply 1 mth ago
Message me on google hangouts m
39 1 mth ago
Hot water heater went out so I can't take a shower. FUN!
45 1 mth ago
Morning everyone!
Reply 1 mth ago
Not my best day but a good one
32 1 mth ago
Being brave and wearing lip gloss
2 1 mth ago
Felt cute
9 1 mth ago
What do you think of my hair?
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