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gonna live it up like its 1942
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King JamesIII
9 days ago
@michi savage un basicness
9 days ago
michi savage
@WhiteKris well what happened in 1942 that want you live like it?
9 days ago
exactly thank you very much
9 days ago
@michi savage 2019 is so basic
9 days ago
@michi savage why not?
9 days ago
9 days ago
michi savage
why 1942?
9 days ago
WhiteKris (47 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
17 yrs old from United States. Followed By 16, Following 11
17, from socal, is mine forever so f#!k off..
6 4 days ago
when you think you've heard it all but the f#!king Asian kid out of all people s…
27 4 days ago
so tired
5 4 days ago
back to android camera
16 5 days ago
new webcam
42 7 days ago
spooky stoner
2 8 days ago
Money trees is the perfect place for shade and that's just how I feel
2 8 days ago
yah yote
15 8 days ago
im ugly tho...
8 10 days ago
gonna live it up like its 1942
Reply 10 days ago
snuggles UWU
18 10 days ago
im ready for anything and everything
Reply 13 days ago
3 13 days ago
yall pretty fukin burnt thats obvious all yall do is argue and complain just fuk…
13 13 days ago
young savage why you trappin so hard
30 13 days ago
Grrrrr! im such a bad kid run!! lol
7 13 days ago
yeah watch out girls im a bad kid lol
4 14 days ago
the weeds louder than my music and my windows are shaking
1 14 days ago
wheres stoney at
12 16 days ago
f#!k all the haters
24 20 days ago
Nobody does it better than me
6 21 days ago
time to get stoned
3 22 days ago
everybody forgot about Kris :,C
1 28 days ago
420 welcome from socal!
42 1 mth ago
my babyyyyy lol
16 1 mth ago
f#!k school id rather sit home and get litttt
36 1 mth ago
stoned af
6 1 mth ago com/watch?v=JEZfog4J Iv0
9 1 mth ago
try me
4 1 mth ago
the marijuana is a powerful medication that works good for recent breakups
2 1 mth ago
aye tho im bored
19 1 mth ago
hector you're killing my vibe with that depressing s#!t
6 1 mth ago
west side the best side
1 1 mth ago
west side for life
22 1 mth ago
who up?
2 2 mths ago
who got discord??
19 2 mths ago
ima kashoot myself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
3 2 mths ago
i hate terrible lighting
9 2 mths ago
Oh, baby, I need you in my life, in my life Please, babe, don't go switchin' sid…
Reply 2 mths ago
@S T O N E Y
38 2 mths ago
i think i aged well lol
5 2 mths ago
me a year and a half ago with a spider crab i caught
3 2 mths ago
anyone up still?
29 2 mths ago
vc anyone? im quite bored
Reply 2 mths ago
feel depressed smoke a cig feel like s#!t smoke a cig feelin hungry smoke a cig
Reply 2 mths ago
jesus christ presidential og + strobe lights and strobing skulls with vapor = vi…
Reply 2 mths ago
3 2 mths ago
greetings from socal
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