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😷💀TotallyDoneWIthMyLife (32 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
14 yrs old from United States. Followed By 17, Following 13
😞f#!k MY LIFE😞, 😶i give up so yeah😶, 💔only few people hold my heart💔,💘TAKEN💘 🔪wanna DIE🔫👌Grace👌, comment your name for a spot in my bio
1 2 hrs ago
blue anchovi( anthony0 and black is mario( demario)
4 3 hrs ago
idfk , lol
28 9 hrs ago
i has my computer backs noows
Reply 2 days ago
anyone still on?
11 2 days ago
video chat anyone?
18 2 days ago
go head send hate to me ,ill just add more and more to elizabeth, the more the m…
Reply 2 days ago
had to ask my brother for his computer so i could tell yall that my computer is …
Reply 3 days ago
just gonna sleep......feel like s#!t now.....
15 4 days ago
love you all, today is just been a really happy day for me, no luna, no andrew j…
25 4 days ago
todays me and my bfs 3 year anniversaryyay
6 5 days ago
i hold the only physical picture of my bf no longer allowed to use …
18 5 days ago
kill me
1 6 days ago
help...they have a plan....but idk what it is yet, but ik its omething to do wit…
2 6 days ago
this is what happens when your demons scratch up your legs so much they bleed i …
2 7 days ago
anyone still up rn?
6 7 days ago
but seriously where is everyone? for whoever is on fotofriend and is my friend, …
12 8 days ago
so f#!king bored, WHERE IS EVRYBODY?
Reply 8 days ago
Fnaf Drawing i did during the whole summer, fnaf 4 theme
2 8 days ago
2 8 days ago
video chat anyone?
3 8 days ago
you are all in danger because of me andrew
Reply 8 days ago
oh what fun.....its is to.....ride this person to deaths road
Reply 9 days ago
its okay trying my best to not cry, or think that hes dead again....bu…
13 9 days ago
i want to get out of this house so badly...ev....could i maybe go to your house …
Reply 9 days ago
today would be the day i go see my boyfriend....but...i ts all a matter of him r…
Reply 9 days ago
gn yall
Reply 9 days ago
video chat anyone?
3 11 days ago
'can someone just shoot me now, thanks thatd be great....
Reply 11 days ago
if anyone whos abel to vc rn, you can join mine code is 1121126
2 14 days ago
Reply 14 days ago
billdip confirmed
7 1 mth ago
what i wish could happen to my arm LOL
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