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ok boomer
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and this pic is cool
5 mths ago
@ChaleesitaXD Follow me on IG: @mike391400
5 mths ago
Left behind
@ChaleesitaXD lmao and I'm bored, but how are u
5 mths ago
@Horselover yeeessssiiirrr
5 mths ago
Left behind
heyz u back girl
5 mths ago
ChaleesitaXD (24 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
16 yrs old from United States. Followed By 45, Following 10
Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. If I don't answer you, that means I don't like you or im not on. but most likely i dont like you:)Utah Homies HMU: 3852416553
8 3 mths ago
17 3 mths ago
17 4 mths ago
some of the bitches on here are f#!kin ugly
5 5 mths ago
ok boomer
12 5 mths ago
All the bitches that are dissin on the cool people on this site yall bitches nee…
13 6 mths ago
came to say what up bitches
5 8 mths ago
I was needin a good mak session;) Guess i can say i always get what i ask for;)
5 9 mths ago
does anyone ever just want to make you hurt someone really badly:)
11 9 mths ago
I wanna diiiiee
12 9 mths ago
nobody fun gets on here anymore:( I miss S T O N E Y*-*
9 9 mths ago
sorry for callin y'all hookersXD
17 9 mths ago
whats up hookers:)
21 9 mths ago
I'm actually ugly thoXD
20 9 mths ago
2 9 mths ago
im so bored somebody get onnnn
Reply 9 mths ago
Lookin like s#!t today:)))))
1 9 mths ago
good night hoe bags;)
1 9 mths ago
bored as f#!k
Reply 9 mths ago
Reply 10 mths ago
1 10 mths ago
1 10 mths ago
im actually so bored
4 10 mths ago
The og is back:)
5 2 yrs ago
I love my eyes and my eyelashes its hard to believe but I don't have mascara on …
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