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Please Keep Liam Griffin In Prayer
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17 yrs old from United States. Followed By 49, Following 50
💯 Sebastian Garner💯 😍Levin Garner😍 💝Caleb Day💝 ....#Bored club Done with guys right now
4 13 days ago
I am in love(I can't get my best friend/crush off my mind)
Reply 17 days ago
Reply 27 days ago
waiting for the bus
16 1 mth ago
If you could describe me in one word what would it be?
1 1 mth ago
Happy Holloween
6 1 mth ago
Oh No I think I'm catching feelings
4 1 mth ago
why do people have to use me??
8 1 mth ago
That moment when you have almost all guy friends and you still friggin single!!
Reply 2 mths ago
Why do I wear my heart on my sleeve??
6 2 mths ago
yo girl made homecoming court
Reply 3 mths ago
thinkin about my bby
Reply 3 mths ago
9 3 mths ago
Rate me 1-10
1 3 mths ago
me waiting for the bus
Reply 3 mths ago
Please Keep Liam Griffin In Prayer
1 3 mths ago
2 3 mths ago
bored at home
7 3 mths ago
That moment when you date a guy for 2 days and he breaks up with you
Reply 3 mths ago
3 3 mths ago
me rn
4 3 mths ago
Rate me
1 3 mths ago
me rn
20 3 mths ago
5 3 mths ago
Am I cute?
Reply 3 mths ago
bored at home
3 4 mths ago
wassup people
Reply 4 mths ago
Thinkin of my Crush
Reply 4 mths ago
bored outta the mind
Reply 4 mths ago
Reply 4 mths ago
life right now
10 4 mths ago
1 year today that I have been single
6 8 mths ago
Spring Break!!! but I am going back to school on Monday
2 9 mths ago
Wish me Luck for the state tests
13 9 mths ago
okay so I need yall to look at my pictures and tell me your honest opinion on th…
12 10 mths ago
i have been single for 6 months today and today is also the 2 anniversary of me …
Reply 10 mths ago
don't know what to do anymore
9 10 mths ago
Lexi is my ride or hurt her I hurt you💘💯💘💯 💯
2 10 mths ago
I just had my bestie tell me he loved me
12 10 mths ago
anyone else gonna be lonely on Valentine's Day?
Reply 10 mths ago
1 10 mths ago
me and my WIFEYY
Reply 10 mths ago
me in ROTC
2 10 mths ago
Reply 10 mths ago
just got done marching in ROTC
Reply 10 mths ago
2 10 mths ago
the boys at my school don't know what they are missing out on
2 10 mths ago
we are doing a chalenge to see who is the last one to not get marked and I just …
Reply 10 mths ago
2 10 mths ago
can anyone give me advice on how to not ruin a good friendship with a guy??
Reply 10 mths ago
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