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Saylor Taylor Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
13 yrs old from United States. Followed By 85, Following 75
I am an animal lover. I play soccer and won first place.I like to skate board. I also love singing and dancing. I love twenty one pilots and much more bands. I curently try to make dubstep songs. # ANTI BULLYING! I'm funny and awkward. :) :3
2 16 hrs ago
snerk time. XD
15 22 hrs ago
this is so boring, my baby keith isnt onlineeeeeee. XD
3 3 days ago
I will be loved one day. :( ERM a perrty gerl lerving in a pertty werld.....
7 3 days ago
Roses are red, Vilots are blue, I dab harder then you
13 3 days ago
sup guys!
Reply 5 days ago
I dont really care if you make fun of me. I'm not gonna fight. Just because your…
18 5 days ago
I think somehow my eyes grew bigger XD
7 6 days ago
I'm blushing so hard rn
Reply 7 days ago
my eyes are a mirror to my soul darknessss bindss me to the walllll. Teroor in t…
2 7 days ago
Allow me to make this Child-like in nature Rhythm You have it or you don't, that…
Reply 7 days ago
13 7 days ago
bored bored bored borredddd
1 7 days ago
Reply 8 days ago
Reply 8 days ago
THIS JUST IN: SAYLOR TAKEN OVER BY ALIENS????? This picture was taken two weeks …
3 10 days ago
I just remebered why I dont wear head phones. XD
1 11 days ago
Reply 11 days ago
2 11 days ago
Intable, bet you didnt think so I comand you to parnamic veiw, look I make it al…
18 11 days ago
Allow me to make this child like in nature, rythm, you have it or you dont. that…
8 11 days ago
booooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooorrrr rrrrrrrrrrred
3 11 days ago
I was just screwing around (its a horse eye). I was bored but here it is XD
2 11 days ago
STOP! Its spammer time!
Reply 11 days ago
4 11 days ago
let me sum this up. I.AM.BORED XD
5 11 days ago
double bored XD
Reply 11 days ago
9 12 days ago
Bored and tired and sick of life
12 12 days ago
Whelp this site is officaly weird
73 12 days ago
This site has been officaly taken over by little kids.......XD
2 19 days ago
I'm sitting here like wtf. So your ok with being called a hoe. Ok so thats true …
2 19 days ago
Lmao go ahead block me. ohhhhhhhhh thats soooo amazing! lmao Just know that at l…
Reply 19 days ago
Go ahead comment on this. XD onllyy reson I did this
20 19 days ago
Ohhh wow I'm showing my arm I'm soooo great woooowwwwwwww. XD XD
Reply 19 days ago
HAHAHHAH f#!k THIS! IDC!! THIS isnt your persnal albummm!!!!!!!!
12 25 days ago
I prob leaving this site. Its just weird. Plus every one is ignoring me. …
1 26 days ago
I BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >//< ^-^
Reply 26 days ago
I back!!!!!!!!!
4 1 mth ago
Hey guys
9 1 mth ago
I hate google. IT LIED. 15 push ups a day get you frickin NO WHERE. NOO WHERE...…
Reply 1 mth ago
But at least my arms a tad better
1 1 mth ago
Guess who got her braces off today! ^-^
1 1 mth ago
My friends say I should be a body gaurd
Reply 1 mth ago
Sometimes you gotta say Frick the world, and become a spider. ^-^
1 1 mth ago
Going to Sky Zone soon! (trampoline park)
3 1 mth ago
1 1 mth ago
They said I could be whatever I want to be. SO SUCK IT LIFE!!!! I'm A FRICKIN PR…
13 1 mth ago
Why am I so bored?
Reply 1 mth ago
gmorning guys
7 1 mth ago
Rate me plz. 1-10
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