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Solaray wants a challenge, come get a bite of this THICC ASS NECK
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you fuccin wot????????
8 mths ago
nah i dont challenge fakes
8 mths ago
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15 yrs old from United States. Followed By 41, Following 15
I am taken, I am always bored, and my sense of humor is as dry as my mouth is. I also hide my sadness with comedy.
1 3 days ago
lol this s#!ts queer xD
2 6 days ago
hella blazed rn xD
1 7 days ago
3 10 days ago
and again XD
33 11 days ago
what is life?
12 12 days ago
so slumpeddd
18 14 days ago
yeet yote
30 14 days ago
cloud 9 m8
2 18 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone
4 19 days ago
Bored AF anyone on?
10 19 days ago
lol fatass
8 22 days ago
Needa get high af to drown the sadness
14 22 days ago
Bored AF
Reply 25 days ago
gn yall
21 25 days ago
Bored s#!tless
13 25 days ago
So i got caught smokin in the bathroom today, and got let off with a warning... …
32 27 days ago
Bored AF
7 1 mth ago
2 1 mth ago
Today is just getting started
33 1 mth ago
finally home
6 1 mth ago
didn't know what a fuccboi was until I saw e-dog XD
8 1 mth ago
morning everyone
7 1 mth ago
he is annoyed... prolly cuz i am annoying him XD
4 1 mth ago
Chromebooks are s#!t
35 1 mth ago
Yall wouldnt believe the night i had on halloween XD
43 1 mth ago
"A lady that I know just came from Columbia, she smiled cuz I did not understand…
19 1 mth ago
this bitch again XD
16 1 mth ago
talking to a great person :)
4 1 mth ago
finally home
11 1 mth ago
10 1 mth ago
night everyone and favorite person
5 1 mth ago
43 1 mth ago
e dog is hella disrespectful. that bitch need sum hollowpoints to the face
5 1 mth ago
hey, at least ppl aint fuccbois like ethan. now thats a hoe
4 1 mth ago
You know what pisses me off, when guys disrespect women and call them hoes. *eth…
12 1 mth ago
yall gotta try parties instead of trick or treating
13 1 mth ago
Laughing my ass off bcuz ethan finally blocked me XD
2 1 mth ago
We miss you
Reply 1 mth ago
Night yall peace!!!
1 1 mth ago
Listen to the song Oso No So by Oso Slick
9 1 mth ago
He makes me uncomfortable, I make him more uncomfortable
2 1 mth ago
Some account on her... dtx tuna or sum s#!t, will just comment annoying stuff on…
2 1 mth ago
Bored AF
44 1 mth ago
Who wants to video chat?
52 1 mth ago
Reply 1 mth ago
night yall
44 1 mth ago
Hey Everyone, who wants to video chat?
2 1 mth ago
Night yall peace!!!
11 1 mth ago
5 1 mth ago
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