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science is boring
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michi savage Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
12 yrs old from United States. Followed By 51, Following 46
i am a fun girl and i like to be outside. i play the viola. and i have a girlfriend deal with it
12 11 hrs ago
hey guys
5 6 days ago
drawing requests?
10 7 days ago
gonna have friends over
Reply 8 days ago
science is boring
Reply 10 days ago
i got sick again
Reply 11 days ago
Reply 11 days ago
hey guys
Reply 13 days ago
9 13 days ago
who thinks i look like a boy
Reply 13 days ago
boy look again
Reply 13 days ago
i became a boy
14 14 days ago
who else plays an instrument?
Reply 15 days ago
hey guys
2 16 days ago
drawing flags
1 17 days ago
bored af
4 17 days ago
Reply 18 days ago
Reply 19 days ago
Reply 20 days ago
hey guys soon im gonna get my haircut in a couple days or something
2 21 days ago
who else does this
Reply 21 days ago
hey guess
5 22 days ago
i have the craziest friends
1 23 days ago
on the bus with my sis
Reply 23 days ago
in class with friend
Reply 23 days ago
6 24 days ago
the color of blood
11 24 days ago
@animosity lol i dont do this for attention
78 24 days ago
try to stop me now
Reply 24 days ago
on the bus with my friend
Reply 25 days ago
hey guys
2 27 days ago
drawing requests?
9 28 days ago
how about i just die so you guys dont worry about me
Reply 28 days ago
on the bus with my sis
3 29 days ago
3 1 mth ago
i got sick "yaaay"
1 1 mth ago
i look really edgy
1 1 mth ago
getting ready for school
Reply 1 mth ago
9 1 mth ago
back from the wedding
Reply 1 mth ago
my look for a wedding today
3 1 mth ago
everything will be okay i hope
Reply 1 mth ago
peopling saying weird things about hokey in a cooking class
3 1 mth ago
how do i look
3 1 mth ago
i tried wearing make up for once
Reply 1 mth ago
i home peeps
2 1 mth ago
im possessed
10 1 mth ago
in science sooooooo booooorrrrrrrriiiiii innnnnnnnnnnnggggggg
8 1 mth ago
rate me 1-10
19 1 mth ago
Reply 1 mth ago
out of school it was half day
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