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how do i look
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michi savage
true but its just me
2 mths ago
Saylor Taylor
A little emo, cool.
2 mths ago
Saylor Taylor
2 mths ago
michi savage Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
12 yrs old from United States. Followed By 59, Following 49
i am a fun girl and i like to be outside. i play the viola. and i have a girlfriend deal with it
Reply 6 mins ago
3 depressed siblings(my characters NOT ocs) that i dew
4 4 hrs ago
in a happy/lovely mood, miss my girlfriend shes sick today
Reply 10 hrs ago
hey guys
16 20 hrs ago
well it's true
Reply 22 hrs ago
hey guys
Reply Yesterday
6 months of me and my girlfriend dating
Reply 2 days ago
morning, no effects this is what my room looks like
Reply 3 days ago
i'm home
8 3 days ago
....i lasted through the day...all i have to do is last ever long …
16 4 days ago
just drew this
5 4 days ago
....hey guys...
7 4 days ago
i cut my finger in cooking, i might commit tonight i can't take it anymore
2 5 days ago
which ring do you like?
Reply 5 days ago
anyone on?
33 5 days ago
7 6 days ago
bored af
7 6 days ago
hey guys
4 7 days ago
i'm home
12 7 days ago
bored af, in science
Reply 7 days ago
in cooking, i look like a cat
Reply 7 days ago
outside waiting for the bus, cold af
Reply 8 days ago
watching aot, did my makeup
2 8 days ago
at a friends house
1 9 days ago
going to a friends brother's birthday today
Reply 9 days ago
morning guys
2 10 days ago
got a bowtie today
1 10 days ago
on the way to the bus my friend found this ring and gave it to me
1 11 days ago
1 11 days ago
f#!king edgy, depressed bitch here
Reply 12 days ago
looking edgy like i always do
2 12 days ago
in cooking
Reply 13 days ago
anyone on?
Reply 13 days ago
hey guys
Reply 14 days ago
2 15 days ago
from short hair to long
Reply 15 days ago
i look like i have short hair
11 15 days ago
lifes nice
9 15 days ago
goodnight guys
4 15 days ago
anyone on?
6 15 days ago
listening to music
13 16 days ago
4 16 days ago
not done but my drawing
17 16 days ago
hey guys
6 17 days ago
listening to music
6 17 days ago
hey guys
140 17 days ago
would you guys stop bragging about you halloween WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE LIKE ME W…
6 17 days ago
look at my floofy kitty
Reply 17 days ago
listening to music
4 18 days ago
look what i got
4 19 days ago
#best costume
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