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*DepressedBitch* (22 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
14 yrs old from United States. Followed By 1, Following 7
^I only love my Asriel^ depressed af.every now and then will i do something irrational.if you knew me from before.i've not the same.eligh's's zane and zenix.eventually levi.then liz.then elizabeth...we'll be dead soon... 💀
Reply 4 hrs ago
Harley and joker face make up
Reply 11 hrs ago
when you look a lil bit like sombra from Overwatch
Reply Yesterday
even tho i got this from my cousin, its really cute, meant for winter because it…
2 2 days ago
its one of those types of feelings i never wanted to feel again...i love high sc…
Reply 5 days ago
feel dead hope im not positive......
2 5 days ago
i wore this dress today, tommorw is skeleton and red jeans
1 5 days ago
lookit its meh name tag 4 highschool
1 6 days ago
possible outfit for tomorrow...?
Reply 6 days ago
Excitement level of my brain from just today
Reply 7 days ago
outfit for school tomorrow
Reply 7 days ago
~Lord Sesshomaru~ {from the anime InuYasha}
2 7 days ago
6 7 days ago
Reply 8 days ago
this is how my head feels rn....btw DID EVRYONE DIE? BECAUSE NO ONE SEEMS TO BE …
Reply 8 days ago
mood after doing choreo camp sore all hurts to just sit dow…
Reply 9 days ago
btw, i dont have braces anymore
Reply 10 days ago
do i look head less comment a "💀" if yes, if not well then, good 4 you
Reply 10 days ago
how i felt before i saw my bf to after hehehe/ he's mine only/ #MyMan
1 12 days ago
Reply 12 days ago
me now...
Reply 12 days ago
Reply 12 days ago
evelyn kennet...say what you need....but i dont want you i my life anymore...if …
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