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Saylor Taylor Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
13 yrs old from United States. Followed By 70, Following 60
I am an animal lover. I play soccer and won first place.I like to skate board. I also love singing and dancing. I love twenty one pilots and much more bands. I curently try to make dubstep songs. # ANTI BULLYING! I'm funny and awkward. ;) Taken :)
8 3 days ago
Do u like my Irish earings?
Reply 4 days ago
Hush little baby dont say a word. Don't mind that noise you heard, it's just the…
4 4 days ago
If you got circles in your eyes, and a major headache, and high blood pressure w…
Reply 5 days ago
Reply 5 days ago
still bored
6 5 days ago
59 7 days ago
Sorry I only love my bed and my mama, 50 dub I ant gotta put it on me, bring the…
Reply 7 days ago
Reply 11 days ago
Reply 11 days ago
I'm having a bad hair day
5 11 days ago
Drawing request done for Depressed Bitch! Sorry first time drawing a dragon. You…
2 12 days ago
Spirit animal request done for Michi Savage! Your a wild girl, but also nice. Bu…
2 12 days ago
I look like bob marley
21 12 days ago
I can draw your spirit animal. Put in a request down below. Just tell me what yo…
12 12 days ago
Kind of a fail. Tell me what you think
13 12 days ago
Like my sweat shirt?
2 12 days ago
1 13 days ago
Miserable fail.
5 13 days ago
My human fase
Reply 13 days ago
The walls were shaking and the earth was quaking, my mind was aching. You shook …
1 19 days ago
Any one wanna chat
Reply 19 days ago
in class
Reply 20 days ago
Reply 20 days ago
2 20 days ago
First day of school. Blah
4 25 days ago
UGH! My soccer team and I are trying to come up with a team name! But we have no…
Reply 25 days ago
3 25 days ago
This is m friend jeff. He has issues
Reply 28 days ago
13 28 days ago
People with plastic surgey: I pretty bitch!
17 28 days ago
Hey guys! I'm back!
7 3 mths ago
Byeeee!!!! So you guys until fall!
4 3 mths ago
Reply 4 mths ago
Reply 4 mths ago
Reply 4 mths ago
hi bored
Reply 4 mths ago
Reply 4 mths ago
De sexy cocnuts mating call!: Ogga ogga shaka ogg ogga shaka!!!!! I can't stop t…
7 4 mths ago
MY family backround is very strange.
1 4 mths ago
I'm gonna be off for a while. Bye!
2 4 mths ago
Ugh, so tired
Reply 4 mths ago
10 4 mths ago
Sup my peeps
8 4 mths ago
My sister is sick and she sound like a old grandpa dieing when she cauphs. Help …
5 4 mths ago
People say I need to get my hand fixed, Nah bitch
2 4 mths ago
Got plastic sugery! I'm gonna do my butt next! 2 hours later: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
16 4 mths ago
This is our first victime. BWHWHWHWHWHAHAHAHHA. THE COCUNUTS WILL RISE!!!!!!!!!!…
Reply 4 mths ago
De sexy cocunut has something to say: Year after year we are eaten by you mortal…
2 4 mths ago
6 4 mths ago
Art has to have meaning, a feeling. You can't just scribble something and expect…
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