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in iss i school suspention
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ugly Ricci111
I punched someone in the throught again for callinf my autistic freind stupid
4 days ago
Saylor Taylor
@ugly Ricci111 What did you do?
4 days ago
ugly Ricci111
i got into troble
4 days ago
Saylor Taylor
What happened?
4 days ago
Saylor Taylor
4 days ago
Saylor Taylor
Booo! Who?
4 days ago
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13 yrs old from United States. Followed By 13, Following 20
13 single awkward weird random
1 2 days ago
3 2 days ago
Reply 2 days ago
school got me like boiiiiiiii why the torture
Reply 2 days ago
thankyou for being my freind
Reply 2 days ago
my freinds
1 2 days ago
in math class booo
5 3 days ago
me and starr
3 3 days ago
ughh middle school sucks 5 more days left yass thank baby jesues
3 4 days ago
i just want to die why cant i plzz help me die if u can
6 4 days ago
in iss i school suspention
9 10 days ago
questioning why im here on this earth
2 11 days ago
im running the mile plzzz help me
3 12 days ago
my bestei
8 12 days ago
just ugly old me
Reply 13 days ago
me lol
1 13 days ago
every one here acts like im not a human being they treat me like s#!t
Reply 13 days ago
school got me like
15 15 days ago
4 16 days ago
who is interessted im single lol
2 16 days ago
each day i get closer to the vain why should i stop
Reply 16 days ago
depresed and not wanted who else
Reply 16 days ago
2 16 days ago
f#!k donald trump
1 18 days ago
disepting owl pellets
Reply 18 days ago
when my dog fart boiiiii
3 18 days ago
Reply 19 days ago
doing homework
6 20 days ago
wanna video hat michi
Reply 20 days ago
hey yall
6 22 days ago
goodish news guys
1 23 days ago
my sexy freind hit her up her number is go f#!k yourself
56 24 days ago
it suks here
54 25 days ago
bitch you got me f#!ked up
3 25 days ago
im having evry simptume of lukemia im scared
1 27 days ago
1 27 days ago
grey eyes
Reply 27 days ago
74 28 days ago
my crazy half is to crazzy to be seen on this site
Reply 28 days ago
family fotot
3 28 days ago
my dog farted and i looked at him like this and said the f#!k are you doing
Reply 28 days ago
calling all the sycos and loners come chat
14 28 days ago
omfg i look so ugllyy
5 28 days ago
me and my crush talked for 2 hours last night on instagram lol who thinks he lik…
2 28 days ago
my truck and me are ready on our way to hawaii
3 28 days ago
this is all the hawaii i have
7 28 days ago
if i did it would anyone care
10 30 days ago
i repet dont do it its gross
1 30 days ago
who dares me to eat tis rasberry lemonade paket
Reply 30 days ago
bubba is his name i have to others ramen and beatrice
5 30 days ago
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