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i know im ugly stop telling me
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🍵Lazy Ass 🍩
8 days ago
ugly Ricci111
not u kids at my school lol
8 days ago
🍵Lazy Ass 🍩
im trying to make a point on my last photo hang on
8 days ago
🍵Lazy Ass 🍩
8 days ago
ugly Ricci111 (48 Photos) Sign In or Sign Up to follow this user.
13 yrs old from United States. Followed By 8, Following 12
13 single awkward weird random
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grey eyes
Reply Yesterday
108 2 days ago
my crazy half is to crazzy to be seen on this site
Reply 2 days ago
family fotot
Reply 2 days ago
my dog farted and i looked at him like this and said the f#!k are you doing
Reply 2 days ago
calling all the sycos and loners come chat
13 2 days ago
omfg i look so ugllyy
4 2 days ago
me and my crush talked for 2 hours last night on instagram lol who thinks he lik…
2 3 days ago
my truck and me are ready on our way to hawaii
3 3 days ago
this is all the hawaii i have
3 3 days ago
if i did it would anyone care
10 4 days ago
i repet dont do it its gross
1 4 days ago
who dares me to eat tis rasberry lemonade paket
Reply 4 days ago
bubba is his name i have to others ramen and beatrice
3 4 days ago
Reply 4 days ago
my angry siclopse mom
3 4 days ago
agh a ghost is pulling my hair help
9 4 days ago
who would date lol not me
Reply 4 days ago
me in the morning
Reply 4 days ago
doing box braids im practicing on y doll so i can do my sister in laws
11 5 days ago
my mom grounded me and i said boi what in the total f#!k did u do that for so im…
12 5 days ago
who else hates the way they look
Reply 6 days ago
lexzy i sent a request to justice i have a good fellin aboaut this
Reply 7 days ago
1 7 days ago
ugh hidious srry guys
15 7 days ago
im not 6 im 13 yall yes i know i look young but im not k
1 8 days ago
4 8 days ago
i know im ugly stop telling me
Reply 12 days ago
in school
Reply 13 days ago
who else would dare
Reply 13 days ago
lol in school rn wby
Reply 18 days ago
in math
1 21 days ago
idek what this is
Reply 21 days ago
fellin good got my custom grillz yass
Reply 22 days ago
good night
1 22 days ago
Reply 22 days ago
my weird freind
1 22 days ago
it says why do people all me prettty im nottt
Reply 22 days ago
mt step mom be fat
1 22 days ago
in schoool this is connor and ethan
3 26 days ago
my princible
4 27 days ago
in house at school 6th grade what grades are yall in i go to royster middle scho…
Reply 28 days ago
in school this sucks ughhh i need some milk
Reply 1 mth ago
Reply 1 mth ago
rate me guys and gals 1-10
Reply 1 mth ago
when ur mom says to clean ur room and u say ur room is way worse then mine mom a…
Reply 1 mth ago
sorry yall forgot my password to my other acc
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