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14 yrs old from United States. Followed By 38, Following 8
|im a depressed piece of s#!t, my attitude changes after awhile and it depends on what happens, i love gore, anime and majority of music, TAKEN friends matter so much to me...i hate to fight, but i will if need be...|
23 1 mth ago
kill me already...because im done...i tried telling a bitch off for getting my b…
3 1 mth ago
Say hello to zane everybody
Reply 1 mth ago
when you f#!k up talking with people...((LEVI IS A DICK HEAD OF THE YEAR)) yeah …
32 1 mth ago
i like this, its a bit of liz,a nd a bit of eligh lol
3 1 mth ago
i like this one, because of the colors
6 1 mth ago
smiles for dayz
75 1 mth ago
((i tried doing an open smile))
36 1 mth ago
im just gonna try to keep smiling
34 1 mth ago
gonna try to stay up all night if i can
28 1 mth ago
say hi to liz
14 1 mth ago
im leaving fotofriend soon...schools about to turning in my computer on…
Reply 1 mth ago
"I dont feel like im important to anyone anymore, I just kinda excist in peoples…
1 1 mth ago
We were left behind,and you can't fix us,but it was nice of you to join us for a…
13 1 mth ago
"Play our little game..oh won't you play with me"
5 2 mths ago
just me and @Outcast
16 2 mths ago
i f#!king love this song
3 2 mths ago
zane and zenix fused to make levi, a demon/human that is made to kill this body,…
11 2 mths ago
my inside heh....{no comment from me}
2 2 mths ago
uggg im obsessed with cute pictures{help}
4 2 mths ago
i took some pictures i found and made it into this for my wallpaper cute and wel…
28 2 mths ago
edited by me...idea from my bpyfriend...perfect couple picture
3 2 mths ago
10 3 mths ago
He's my nerves.…
15 3 mths ago
20 3 mths ago
Wanna Play The KNIFE GAME?~You just might CUT through it faster than i did--HAHA…
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